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    yo just a reminder that i do commissions if you want them!!!

    i’ll draw your character hanging out in some forest or messy basement (those are the most popular requests). ill even make their dick hang out if you want. ill draw you your favorite pokemon or neopet. are you looking for the perfect person to draw your very niche and confusing fetish??? that person is not me but i will still draw it in exchange for your money. (i probably wont put it on my tumblr though). have you been waiting for your favorite lamezone ship to finally fuck??? i will make your non-canon dreams come true. if u can dream it i can attempt to draw it, probably!

    heres some examples (some of these were not commissions but whatever theyre examples)

    im bad at set prices but most of these would be like 30$ for a one character piece w/ full color and background etc. of course if you cant do that, i can do less detail, less color, less whatever, we can totally work SOMETHING out. just email me with what you are after (lamezonenet@gmail.com) and we will work out a deal!!!

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    the guy at the table next to me is asserting that what richmond needs is a batman

    his solution to multiple convenience store robberies is to dress up 210 pounds of orphaned muscle in a tricked out bat costume and give it a tank

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    lately people keep asking why so much poetry mentions cigarettes probably because most poets are slimy fuckers who sit around smoking cigarettes praying desperately for a poem to catch up to and enter them

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  • #gif  
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  • ARTIST: The Flaming Lips
    TRACK: Do You Realize??
    ALBUM: Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
    4,737 plays
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  • cyberpunk tip #0935


    Instead of saying “Oh god” in strenuous or frightening situations, consider saying “Mods help” 

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  • boywitch:

    an end to patriarchal masculinity would help EVERYONE it would make EVERYONE happier and safer 

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    capitalism may take away our land, our water and our bread, but you know what it’ll never take from us? our cyberpunk lingo. stay noided or you’re in deep drek, chummer

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    Photographed by Emmelie Åslin a couple of years ago.

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haughty prince sketch


    haughty prince sketch

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    The artists over at Pictoplasma academy are producing some pretty amazing stuff.

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  • heyreallygiger:

    its always sunny is a show about terrible people acting entirely on their own selfish whims and subsequently getting punished for it through their own actions without learning from the experience or ever getting better, which basically makes it a rip-off of the twilight zone

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    By Don Gossett

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  • zoomwitch:

    my body is always finding new and exciting ways 2 try to destroy me

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