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  • gloomgender




    definition: nonbinary/indifferent. mostly darkness, the new moon phase, apathy and a mix of a bit of masculinity, bit of femininity and lack of gender. can include sadness, grief and depression.

    coined by: glutenphobic

    do you people even fucking know what a gender is anymore

    just coin a new word for it that isn’t “gender” and get it over with bc people suffer real violence and deprivation because of it

    "Gloomgender" is the name of my shoegaze band where we only do gender-flipped covers of murder ballads.

    for real though this is an incredibly solid idea for a band

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    so my roommate melissa works part-time at a thrift shop pricing donations and she happened to come across this gem

    and bought it for me because she is a good friend

    it’s signed, framed and dated 1976

    this is framed ot3 fanart from 1976

    it is now hanging on the wall in our living room for everyone to see

    life is full of so many wonders

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    he is drowning

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Red herring from The Secret of Monkey Island, by Lucasarts.


    Red herring from The Secret of Monkey Island, by Lucasarts.

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    i had a ten second dream of a pitch-perfect scene from trailer park boys in which ricky refers to julian as “adam jensen except he works for labatt”

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  • Bouba/kiki effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 


    In 2001, Vilayanur S. Ramachandran and Edward Hubbard repeated Köhler’s experiment using the words “kiki” and “bouba” and asked American college undergraduates and Tamil speakers in India “Which of these shapes is bouba and which is kiki?” In both groups, 95% to 98% selected the curvy shape as “bouba” and the jagged one as “kiki”, suggesting that the human brain somehow attaches abstract meanings to the shapes and sounds in a consistent way.


    Individuals who have autism do not show as strong a preference. Where typically developing individuals agree with the standard result 88% of the time, individuals with autism agree only 56% of the time.

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#5661: shitty writers filling copy with standard tropes


    #5661: shitty writers filling copy with standard tropes

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    batman is a pure sex object

    i object to this. hes just a regular fella. covered head to toe in black leather with only his eyes and mouth visible, who hits people

    nothing kinky there

    also DEFINITELY not gay

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  • batman is a pure sex object

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    people in other parts of the country use the word “anymore” in a much wider variety of grammatical environments and with a broader range of meaning than people from my part of the country. in particularly, using it at the beginning of a sentence always reminds me of where i first encountered that particular usage: reading some chuck palahniuk novel at age like 20. there’s no other way to put this: people who say “anymore” at the beginning of a sentence remind me of chuck palahniuk

    this was so baffling to me the first time i read palahniuk and i just thought it was some hamhanded faux-vintage affectation of his because i had literally never encountered it before (or since, actually) and was totally unable to parse it. it created a massive speedbump in every sentence in which i encountered it. i am vaguely aware now that it is in use outside of my cascadian dialect bubble but still cant really parse it

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  • batman

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    chuck palahniuk is one of four authors we are supposed to put security tags in every single copy of every single one of their books at my work because they get ripped off so much. the other authors are kerouac, bukowski, and hunter s thompson


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