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iphi and i are concepting a photoshoot in a swamp



    iphi and i are concepting a photoshoot in a swamp


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    bdsm except i strap you down and make you take vitamins and drink enough water and get enough sleep and cut toxic people out of your life and give you a hug and a massage and tell you what a strong person you are

    I wish.

    What? Why do you think I want control?…

    You make my heart hurt, John.

    … Is it weird that this is an attractive concept to me?

    Tell me to be healthy for you and I’ll do it. Doing it for me isn’t enough.

    … That feels like it should be wrong somehow. I don’t know.

    Oh, this I like… well then nine, when should I begin?

    As soon as you want to, Sir :)

    stop roleplaying on my post you giant nerds; you’re dorking up my activity page

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  • iphi and i are concepting a photoshoot in a swamp

    iphi and i are concepting a photoshoot in a swamp

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  • veganism is really cool and I admire and support the vegans in my life and hope one day to be able to join them. but this “no one has an excuse not to eat just like I do” line, which I see a lot, is optimistically misinformed at best, classist at worst.

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    You can still adore animals and not be a vegan, just letting you all know.

    f i n a l l y someone said it. all my life, i’ve had to deal with vegans telling me that my eating, funding the torture of, supporting the captivity of, and use of animals…

    reminder that some of us can’t afford to be vegan, either monetarily or in terms of time commitment, access to vegan nutrition (grocery deserts), or because our food requirements are dependent on our physical or mental illnesses. since these issues intersect most of the time, dismissing them with “you must not like animals enough, try harder” is a mistake. it’s an easy mistake to make, but a lot of those people are extremely upset about not being able to eschew animal products, but are forced by their economic circumstances to live in ways they do not morally agree with. this is what capitalism is.

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  • boycheck:


    This is how me and my family are living these months.

    My mom has a great job but doesn’t make enough to support all five of us. She’s working extra hours but it isn’t enough and with school starting for my brothers and them needing over priced uniforms, we’ve all reached the end of our rope.

    On top of this, my mom also has diabetes and sometimes has trouble getting the money for her medication. And as people who have/are dealing with this kind of disease you know that everything is so much more harder for her. When she gets a paper cut it can last a month and when she gets caught in the rain, she is guaranteed to get sick and as she says so many times “[she] cannot afford to get sick”.

    Right now we are trying to move from this house into a smaller, more affordable one but the chances of that happening anytime soon are dwindling. In addition to this, my mom wants to visit our sick grandfather in New York who has multiple myeloma. If anyone who has heard of this would know that it affects your organs and there is no cure for it. We are all hoping for one last visit before he passes on.

    I’m asking that you please help us. I don’t like this life for my brothers who have to wonder if it was okay that they are ramen for breakfast or that my mother can’t see her father one last time. Anything and everything you donate will be used to help my brothers and mother have an easier more enjoyable life.

    I have set up a fundraiser and a paypal on my blog. Again, anything and everything you can spare will be much appreciated and if you cannot donate, please share this so that it gets around.


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  • xmaslemmings replied to your post: i’ve been reading monsterkillers….

    Hahaha those are all from before I figured out I could transition and I feel weird about a lot of themmmmmm

    they are wonderful, and they are helping me externalize and project a lot of shit on a cave wall rn, thank you for keeping them up

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Dreaming of Timber by The Noisy Plume on Flickr.


    Dreaming of Timber by The Noisy Plume on Flickr.

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    Commissions are open !!

    contact jeremyboydell♡gmail.com or send an ask/fanmail to reserve a slot.
    more information about commissions can be found here
    Slot One [OPEN]
    Slot Two [OPEN]
    Slot Three [OPEN]
    Slot Four [OPEN]
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