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  • we didn’t plan that, and i am in utter disbelief

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    Robots.. You may ask why? Well put simply it is so we can move on as a species, dinosaurs are a symbol of where we were not where we want to be. People cling on to the past like it was a good thing when in reality the furture is where we can change our lifes

    having a hard time with the english language is one thing but this is a malapropriapism


    anyway stop talking. stop giving lectures, especially. you aren’t a philosopher! you’re a rude asshole

    You are typical of the modern political warrior, you attack me as a person rather than any of the points i make. Actually what did i ever do to deserve this? Well put simply i advocated for freedom of speech,.. You my friend ARE the fascist. Good day

    you are typical of the modern klingon warrior, you charge screaming at things beyond your comprehension and get dunked on so everyone knows what to take seriously (not you). lone wolf more like lone worf am i right? i am absolutely right. 

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    eliza “lol-ita” gauger is, on paper, one of the finest snipers that humankind has ever produced. specializing in anti-materiel missions, he has destroyed more enemy mechs than any other soldier and is xcom’s most veteran soldier. in practice, however, he has cumulatively spent more than two months in intensive care and has yet to complete a mission without being seriously injured. something of a living legend among xcom recruits, he returns to action only when he is needed most, or else when his horrific plasma burns have healed enough for the medics to clear him for field duty.

    new recruits: molly “the ox” broxton

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  • i sent eddie his birthday present today because im a bad and neglectful friend

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    Glyph: [REAR ECHELON]


    Anonymous asked you:

    November 4th 2013, 7:03:00 am

    i feel almost cripplingly bad for being born as a member of the most oppressive group in the world

    (the artist of Problem Glyphs does this as their full time job; please consider supporting them on Patreon or PayPal)

    i have some important advice for white cis het dudes who wanna help out the cause

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  • It seems to me that on one page I recognized a portion of an old diary of mine which mysteriously disappeared shortly after my marriage, and, also, scraps of letters which, though considerably edited, sound to me vaguely familiar. In fact, Mr. Fitzgerald (I believe that is how he spells his name) seems to believe that plagiarism begins at home.


    —Zelda Fitzgerald, in a review of her husband’s book in 1922 (via trishahaddad)

    Reminder that F. Scott Fitzgerald stole his wife’s writing, many times, while suppressing her works. See “Save Me the Waltz”, which he forced her to revise so that he could use parts of it in his own book “Tender Is the Night”. And which author do we study in school?

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    I didn’t know this.

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    He also encouraged her to have affairs so he could use that for inspiration, and when she wanted to leave him for a man she fell in love with, he locked her in their house and wouldn’t let her leave.

    When she wanted to publish “Save me the Waltz,” Fitzgerald wrote in his diary about DELIBERATELY trying to TRIGGER her schizophrenic episodes and making her incapable of fighting that battle.

    And Fitzgerald scholars KNOW all this.  They write articles about how it was all okay because in the end, it inspired Fitzgerald to write Great Literature.

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    knife his corpse

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    Fuck I didn’t know this fuck ugh god why fuck ugh

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    Yep. All true. Learned about his trifling ass studying creative writing and English lit. at CSU. Didn’t read ONE of her books on high school, yet we’re taught how amazing and talented he was. Makes me sick. xBx

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    Dante Gabriel Rosetti did this with Elizabeth Siddal’s drawings, and her contributions to his drawings, as well. Then drove her to suicide by using her as his romantic and sexual scratching post. Then disinterred her body to retrieve the poems he had placed in her open coffin because they were “too good” to let her rest with them. Cool art dudes from history.

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Twink Beefsnipe reporting in (from the hospital)


    Twink Beefsnipe reporting in (from the hospital)

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Hood by Air SS15 // NYFW


    Hood by Air SS15 // NYFW


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Adam Ant on the set of Solid Gold, 1982, by Robert Matheu



    Adam Ant on the set of Solid Gold, 1982, by Robert Matheu


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    Glyph: [MEDICINE MUSE]


    Anonymous said:

    December 27th 2013, 12:45:00 am

    I want to be well enough to create the things that I need to manifest.

    i would that i were

    lodged between the

    bones of europe like

    a scarredover arrowhead,

    barbed as to make

    excision deadly, but

    of late i have been

    host to malady, infractions

    of the blood, my purposes

    awry. i don’t know why

    i am weak, or to what end,

    only that as the sun sets

    i am stulted in inverse proportion.

    my failure is carnal, though,

    and unless it proves absolute

    i will walk again the scribbled

    streets of prague; i whisper

    to myself that i will not be

    subordinate to my flesh, i will

    not, i will not.


    (support glyph poems on patreon)

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(via L’ecole Des Femmes Silk Floral lace up bavarian dress)


    (via L’ecole Des Femmes Silk Floral lace up bavarian dress)

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