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breathing tree maidenfed.tumblr.com hypnoperv.com


    breathing tree maidenfed.tumblr.com hypnoperv.com

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  • ok here is my try on lynda barry’s comics assignment, Batman Vomits, Batman Screams

    changes i had to make:

    - it’s a legal pad and not a comp book because i havent picked up a comp book yet
    - it’s thin sharpie instead of flair pen, see above
    - i didn’t have anyone to pass it to so i just did all the batmans myself
    - had to look up who ivan brunetti is and god damn is he horrible and bland. critical thinking question: do you think this whole “white male middle aged comics dork draws the worst thing he can imagine; gets famous for it” schtick is ever going to finally die?? probably not!

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    Batman Vomits, Batman Screams

    Making Comics

    Art 448

    University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Instructor: Professor Bootsy

    Your assignment: Holy Round Robin, Batman!

    Fold a sheet of paper into quarters. In the first frame, using non-photo blue pencil, draw Batman in the style of Ivan Brunetti. You’ll have two minutes.

    Exchange papers.

    In the second frame, again using non-photo blue pencil, you’ll have two minutes to draw Batman throwing up.

    Exchange papers.

    Third frame, same thing, non photo blue pencil, two minutes: draw Batman dejected.

    Exchange papers

    Final frame, same thing: draw Batman Screaming

    Exchange papers.

    Now take a black Flair pen know this: You have 20 minutes to ink in all the Batman drawings and there should be something that is solid black in each frame.

    These images were drawn in the same 30 minutes on September 10, 2014 minutes by students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Professor Bootsy loves every single one of them.

    Apologies for the images that are out of focus.

    Go class go!

    I’m about to post my completed exercise.

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"Two Edwardian women fencing, 1908."


    "Two Edwardian women fencing, 1908."

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    FETISH: David Lynch photography for Christian Louboutin.

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    joy division’s “love will tear us apart” over the food lion speakers as i punt a family size box of honey bunches of oats across the entirety of aisle 5

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    "Communists proletarians women of PKK fighting ISIS islamists and defending the civilian population in Iraq.
    The official press release says nothing of these fighters.”


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lookin normal at the lavanderia!!



    lookin normal at the lavanderia!!


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  • lookin weird at the lavanderia

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