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    every child should read the last unicorn

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Ramen Special from Ramen Hashi, by Tomy.


    Ramen Special from Ramen Hashi, by Tomy.

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    The two most unfortunate authors to be cited together

    we’re prepared to deploy the Assmann 2000

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    heres a bunch more url drawings from earlier that i didnt post

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Jimmy Nelson



    Jimmy Nelson

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    so here’s an amazon wishlist

    i have received a lot of asks and fan mails from people who wanted me to put up a public Amazon wishlist, and i fought it for a long time but!  about six months ago i returned from the east coast with my tackle box full of oil paint strapped to the roof of my car.  i stopped over to visit contactballer in Oakland for maybe an hour, and when i came back out someone had burnt through the rope and stolen the entire box, probably thinking it was full of tools that could be pawned.  

    though the thief was destined for intense disappointment, to me this just represented a loss of hundreds of dollars of oil paint, brushes and painting medium, a loss which i have yet to make up.  

    also on the list: Fancy Rocks!!  and some stuff which is just for fun, and some stuff for the cats.  i’m going to add some socks because tbh all my socks have holes in them and im raggedy as hell :I

    (my home address is not attached to this wishlist; all items will be shipped to a friend who punches above his weight and doesn’t live anywhere near me—sorry in advance to disappointed/punched up stalkers.)

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    im a) poor and b) in possession of a few musical instruments so here is the deal

    i will record a cover of any song you can think of for a dollar. the little donate button thing is on my blog in the corner because i dont understand html stuff at all. maybe you can send a message with your donation?? or just send an ask separately. i dont know but what i DO know is that i will not say no to your song unless it is a white power anthem or blurred lines. pretty much anything else though! here are some examples:

    • buddup bup bup buhh im lovin it
    • anything by kyary
    • the boggis bunce and bean song from that movie
    • just straight up groaning like injured bruce willis for a full minute
    • hey there delilah
    • a song you wrote but you dont really know how it goes yet
    • a series of dwayne the rock johnson’s catchphrases over various blues riffs
    • AND MORE!!!

    i have an acoustic guitar, vocal cords, a toy piano, and a girlfriend who doesn’t like to sing but is secretly pretty good at it, so i will try to feature as many of those as i can

    thats… thats it the end

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#5551: lots of permits


    #5551: lots of permits

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Fantastic Hunt ~ Franz Von Stuck


    Fantastic Hunt ~ Franz Von Stuck

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    I spend a lot of time thinking about that fat horse from What’s Opera Doc

    Look at this proud, graceful, fat piece of shit.

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