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  • Button supplies and new giclee paper have arrived, meaning the Etsy store is opening back up this week and we will be listing some extremely new products, which gives everyone with that wonderful 10% off code something to use it on!

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#5709: yes hello


    #5709: yes hello

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  • in the late 90s/early aughts it was commonly believed that you could probably make a living somehow just by being a really on-model goth, and a lot of people made serious attempts to realize this. I think the extinction of the MySpace Scene Girls finally laid this superstition to rest.

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  • I think the goth modeling agency in the last post may have been called “wicked talent”

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  • tales of freelancing

    I am having the weirdest unbidden flashback right now to a completely forgotten job I got on the Hollywood Craigslist to do concept art for a really astonishingly terrible vampire film. I believe they were planning to shop their press kit around and didn’t actually have any actors yet. anyway.

    like a lot of freelance clients, they had seen something in my portfolio and wanted a duplicate, but to their own specifications. the thing they wanted was a set of photo paint overs I had done for a short lived “alternative agency” for goths whose name escapes me right now. the digital paintings were literally just me painting on top of existing photos, a technique which is pretty common in concept art as well as in the trashy romance novel cover market.

    the movie people were extremely specific about how their protagonist should look. they wanted, and I quote, “a cross between Jared Leto and michael Pitt”. the villain was supposed to look like David Bowie. fine. I got photos of these people and painted them up, going so far as to morph Pitt and Leto into a single doofy twink face before proceeding. I sent them the finished pieces on time and immediately got the reply:

    "it just looks like you painted over photos of the actors??? this isn’t what we wanted at all"

    and they didn’t pay me

    the moral of this story is: start a Patreon

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  • Wait.. People really think that the face is one whole color..??? Haven't they seen red noses and cheeks in winter or summer? Have they never seen sun spots and discolorations? Faces are never one whole color unless foundation is used, also a bit of airbrushing/photoshop on photos. The fact that there's people who don't know faces contain multiple colors is baffling to me.

    it is mega trendy to trash artists for drawing pink (or other colored) noses right now and i’m not sure why. not only is it anatomically correct, but it’s an incredibly smart choice to define an important facial feature using something other than lines or shading, which is often a necessary cartooning decision! it works, and it works well, and it is accurate to the actual colors of human faces irl, and i guess people are not aware that we don’t give a rip whether they “like” it or not.

    heres me giving a huge shit about what some swaddled doof thinks of my coloring choices:

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  • the ME (SCREAMING INTO PHONE): post is the best text post of this year and every time i see it still only in triple-digits i get a little huffy. this is a topic i have had multiple irl conversations about

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    ultimately the goal of a lot of people identifying as “gamers” and going on and on about what they want from games journalism and from people discussing games, even the ones not screaming slurs or harassing people, seems to be explicitly “stop criticizing, stop talking about the problems with video games - let me play my video games in peace”

    "let me go back to the blissful silence i had before i knew other people were playing video games"

    "be quiet, please"

    "go away"

    "discuss video games somewhere where i am sure to never, ever, ever see it"

    "be invisible to me"

    and it really shows up among people you see saying they use video games as escapism and how they hate seeing all this shit discussed or pointed out, acting as if it ruins the whole medium

    and they never ever ever consider once that other people use video games - or would LOVE to use video games - to escape, and keep getting confronted with the same fucking shit that beats them down every day

    as if gaming, as if escaping from time to time even, is meant solely for them

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David and Saul, Julius Kronberg


    David and Saul, Julius Kronberg

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  • why, it’s almost halloween!

    why, it’s almost halloween!

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  • chainfight:




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  • it’s that time again!! support orb steeb aka Elias IKB on Patreon and Etsy!


    so here’s the deal. 

    due to Patreon bungling their payouts at the beginning of the month and my employer neglecting to pay me or return my calls for weeks at a time, money is pretty tight ‘round the ol steeb homestead at the moment. according to my calculations, after i pay rent and utilities for this month i will have approximately zero dollars, which is a number that needs improvement.

    would you like A Poem? do you have a piece of writing that needs the attention of a professional editor at stupidly reasonable rates? click on this link and make all your dreams come true. the world is monstrous… and so are your savings!!


    would you like to support my contributions to the problem glyph project and support a struggling artist like the beneficent merchant prince you are? and qualify for fabulous prizes? click on this link, also

    is there anything else i can do for you for dollars? do you have any questions? email me at elias(.)isaac(.)b(@)gmail(.)com

    Problem Glyph companion project, Glyph Poems, has just reopened commissions for a limited time. This guy is kept pretty busy running my media empire and proofreading my press releases for archaic cusses, so you should get on this while you can.

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