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  • basically the worst part of the whole MRA thing is that a lot of these dudes have the beginnings of the right idea about unfair treatment of sex and gender, and want to change it, they’re just putting their sights on the wrong target.  feminism isn’t the enemy, you dorks.  feminism isn’t why you aren’t getting laid, it isn’t why you’re afraid to talk to women, and it isn’t why everything is terrible.  i wanna go up to these dudes and be like, “you know what, sexism is bullshit, you’re right.  take my hand, lil beardy—” and i clasp their clammy palm in my own “—let me show you the way.”

    …and then i pull some anime magic wand moves and they turn into a teenage girl for a few years and get to be raped, stalked, beaten, and otherwise treated like any other woman until they Get It, because that’s pretty much the only thing that will work, at this point.

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