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  • things i have tried in the last few weeks

    • sleeping a lot
    • not sleeping
    • eating a lot
    • not eating
    • caffeine
    • quitting caffeine
    • wine
    • being lazy
    • being diligent
    • making lists
    • setting alarms and timers
    • taking vitamins
    • drinking water
    • getting into arguments on the internet
    • avoiding all internet for days at a time
    • talking with friends
    • ignoring all human life
    • drawing fanart
    • writing fanfic
    • watching YouTubes
    • watching movies
    • playing video games
    • gessoing canvases
    • cleaning brushes
    • organizing pencils
    • going for walks

    i still can’t draw.  or paint.  i have a dozen outstanding commissions in various states of completion.  i’m not having a “creative block”, either—the ideas keep coming.  i just don’t work.  i sit down all day, tablet in hand, pencil in hand, staring, preparing surfaces, staring at the surfaces.  my hands are unsteady and i’m full of hatred.  this has been going on for maybe a month and i’m about ready to [series of loud static progressions]


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      Thank you for this. I don’t know why it’s helpful to see a generally prolific artist slogging through a painful artistic...
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      I’ve been having this problem lately, as well…
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      welcome to a special kind of artist’s block. too many ideas and zero ability to make them happen. this is me for the...
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      My life, minus the bit about commissions. It’s like intense bouts of productivity and then weeks of just not having any...
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