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  • Tumblrs I Follow and Recommend

    • howtobeafuckinglady - Fashion, Naomi Campbell, drag, and razor-witted callouts from a fucking lady.
    • catbountry - TF2 fandom superstar, ground floor meme outlet, and the person who probably started the whole Tumblr/corgi love affair.  If you want to stay informed about Internet Drama without having to actually read 4chan or any other pits of despair, Cat Bountry is the shortcut. Be warned: Posts a lot of Heavy/Medic slash art, occasional gore, and gets involved in flame wars and back-and-forths which can fill up your dash unduly (supposing you’re not interested, that is).  On a personal note, I think Cat is cool, I love her blog, and I dig her writing, but our politics differ (she’s had a lot of run-ins with shitty Tumblr radfems and they’ve taken their toll, I guess is a good way to put it)—so keep that in mind.
    • churchofindustry - Formerly Church of Cyberpunk, Church of Industry is like an IV drip of rivethead sugarwater directly into your headjack.  The curator is a pink-dredlocked eldergoth who boasts (and posts a lot of photos of) his cybershed, his pink-dredlocked cyberdaughter, and a wealth of stylistic, conceptual, and artistic reblogs.  We call him Cyberdad—he’s everything you want a man who lived through the 1980s club scene to still be.  Not to rag on the guy’s age, but I find his refusal to ditch his Manic Panic and platforms something of an inspiration.
    • pussy-strut - Author of the famous Valerie Solanas OK Cupid screencaps.  The rest of her blog is as good, or better.
    • androphilia - Posts a lot of what the name suggests, but also good (primarily Islamic issue) politics and darker, cerebral images and art.
    • colormelolita - An Elegant Gothic Lolita of Color, who posts others, as well as general EGL material.  Today she called out some idiot who told her that “wigs will keep you from attracting a ‘quality man’”.  The hilarious assumption being, in case I have to point it out, that women and girls wear EGL for the entertainment and titillation of men. Fuck that guy.
    • yourfaithlost - Young occult artist in Portland.  Good illustrations, good self-portraits, good attitude.
    • stationlost - Friend, good musician, DJ, posts rad tracks.  Station would probably get along with yourfaithlost.
    • beautynursedondarkness - One of the better goth/dark/occult/witchy blogs.  Fashion imagery and general imagery.
    • angrywhistler - Posts incredibly good paintings, some of which are his own work.
    • dirtyturps - If you only follow one art/painting blog, make it this one.  Occasionally ruins the flow by posting “pretty” girls, but it’s not intolerable.
    • worstcat - Only posts bad cats.  Bad cats only.  Blog will conclude when the all-time worst cat is found.  Until then, the search continues.
    • mediapathic - Personal friend, San Francisco VJ, DJ, and general dilletante.  Posts shit like this, which you will read nowhere else.
    • jscottgrand - Incredible writer.  Posts short stories like what Chuck Palaniuk wishes he could write, but can’t.  From the beat tradition; heroin and sex and suffering and human instinct.
    • collaterlysisters - Scientist, transwoman, street medic.  I can’t fistbump hard enough to express my respect and appreciation for this woman and her blog.  Posts rad politics and gets into good arguments.
    • colormegoth - Goths of color curated by a goth of color.  Excellent photos and exploded stereotypes.
    • therealkatiewest - Does anyone not follow Katie?


    • cashcrab - Text posts.  Tumblr meta-gaming.
    • internethistory - The internet equivalent of making art using “found objects”: locates photographs from all over the internet, taken by regular people and put online for lost or unfathomable reasons, and posts them without notes or context.  The effect is eerie.  It’s definitely art.
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