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    being asleep in a basement and the basement sinks into the ground and the ground takes on the consistency of water and floods in through the windows and drowns you and crushes you and by the time you wake up you are already suffocating

    human bodies with deer heads.




    large industrial fans and other ambiguous industrial machines that happen to turn on by themselves and get louder and louder.

    The sound of TV static.

    Ghosts flying through my windshield when I’m driving through fog late at night.

    A disembodied head floating around a corner at night.

    analog-phone-left-off-hook noise

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      Ventriloquist dolls, in general, but especially being bitten by them!
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      Coming home to find no one there because the first thing I think is that everyone is dead in the closet and I have to be...
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      A snake coming up through the hole in the toilet and biting my ass.
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      What the hell?! O.O
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      I’m afraid of revolving doors
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      I’m afraid of lobsters
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      death (not mine)
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      Ok ok shh but having strangers compliment me. One time this really sweet guy walked up to me and starts gushing about my...
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      being alone. like last fucking living being on the planet alone
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      Having no one.
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      "Pink Birds."
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      Eyes that don’t go away Practically every single object in existence that might jinx up and kill us when least suspected...
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      Dolphins. But I got bit by one when I was like 5 so that may be why.
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      getting blood drawn & limbs going numb
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      Rope bridges
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      Curling irons. Bugs crawling into my ears and making my eardrums bleed. Also, I have this odd paranoia that people...
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      … Wearing dresses.
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      Being filmed while eating fast food and put into one of those current affair show segments about how the country is...
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      Falling face first on to pavement so hard that...glasses shatter and embed themselves...
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      Family member doesn’t come home when they said they would= They died in a car accident and I didn’t get to tell them I...
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      my favorite character being killed off
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      The number 4
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      flying bugs aka ladybugs and junebugs and bees and anything that BUZZES OH MY OGHD
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      People walking around while here’s like a group of us watching a movie
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