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  • If you are implying that by calling both of them cunts, I am gender specifying either of them, you are wrong, and that's OK. If you are calling the word CUNT, a gender specific word, that's your definition, and I don't argue that with you, because it's true, but only in the characterization of someone's anatomy. I could call them Banana trees, and someone would find a gendered meaning in that too. Take it as you will, the message is clear in the post: They are both idiots for very plain reasons

    1. sorry dude, “cunt” is a gendered insult and “banana tree” is not.  false equivalency.  “cunt” means “vagina” and it means “vagina” in a totally negative way.  it’s exactly the same as using “faggot”: it’s short for “you are homosexual and it is self-evident that being homosexual is bad, ergo i am insulting you”.  swap “homosexual” for “female” in that sentence and it’s the same* thing.  it’s not my definition.  it’s the literal definition.  like, the actual dictionary definition.

    2. telling girls they “should” or “should not” wear makeup (or do anything) because in that guy’s opinion, they are suitably physically attractive to him and therefore, ladies, stop wearing lipstick because i don’t like it, is a dumbfuck opinion worthy of denigration and sarcasm, which is exactly what the reply entailed.  the entire construct of “hey ladies, i’m a dude and let me tell you what i find attractive and then you should do it” is a bunch of patronizing garbage, no matter what the instructions are.  the reason is that it still frames the whole exchange in terms of what women should or should not do in order to be attractive to men.  it’s like saying “ladies, i am a feminist, that’s why i dig fat chicks—real women have curves!"  dude in the "fat chicks" example might think he’s being cool and progressive or whatever, but what he’s actually doing is projecting his beauty ideals (and instructions about how to achieve them) onto women yet again.  it also makes the sort of laughable assumption that the only reason women wear makeup, certain clothes, high heels, or anything else, is because they are trying to attract men, and/or because they’re trying to plaster over some gaping hole in their self-esteem/personality.  neither of these things is true, obviously, and making the assumption that they are true casts women and girls as meek, half-witted supplicants at the altar of male opinion.

    hope that clears things up about why space boy is a jerk, why the reply from the woman was correct, and also why using “cunt” as a pejorative is not cool any more than using “gay”, “faggot”, “queer”, etc.

    *not exactly the same thing but pretty darn close

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