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  • why is intergalactic capitalism even still a thing in Star Trek?  why aren’t replicators handed, gratis, to every single contacted spacefaring race, with comprehensive blueprints to build more?  why is any Federation-contacted spacefaring race still experiencing any  sort of poverty or deprivation at all?

    more importantly, why haven’t the Bajorans (and every other oppressed spacefaring society) just taken replicators from the Federation as soon as they became aware of them?

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      Actually, I think there was a mention in one of the first episodes of DS9 that the Bajorans had been given all the...
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      My assumption was that raw ingredients are still needed. I don’t know if anything like this was ever stated, but I...
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    9. absolutefucker said: war
    10. seej500 said: Blueprints? Surely, along with instructions like “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot” a replicator should understand “Make another replicator.”
    11. michaelk42 said: Because most of the audience wouldn’t understand a post-scarcity economy, or even realize what the effects of having transporter/replicator might be. That and you still need a power source (dilithium crystals, magical limiting factor escape clause.)
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