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  • so my TF2 post about how micspam is terrible has a couple notes from people saying really astounding shit like “but i can’t play in silence!!”

    folks, babies, friends—there is a middle ground between screeching noise, and total silence.  you can

    • listen to your own music on your own computer with your own speakers/headphones (in high quality stereo??? how?!?)
    • use voicechat the coolest way, that is, to tell people there is a spy behind them, that you’re at 40% uber, that you need a pyro in your nest to check for spies, that you saw someone acting suspicious and that they are probably a spy and they are headed to your spawn, that you have a full kritz and would like your pocket demo to please reload and get ready to blow up their sentry nest, tellin’ jokes (preferably jokes that dont suck but uh whatever), doin’ hank hill impressions, trash talking the other team (or your own), …………………………………………………………………
    • me playin tf2
    • edit: no you can’t “mute the entire server” because of item A, and muting the individual player only works as long as it’s their turn to micspam.  eventually you have to mute the entire server anyway.  final solution: i just don’t play on servers that allow micspam, including the mantrain.
    • lol@u for getting mad that someone doesn’t enjoy your bad remixes and 5 year old catchphrases
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      I like to commit a loud murder while I’m on mic. Just to keep tensions high.
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      On the rare occasion I am playing TF2, I am quiet as fuck because my voice doesn’t match my gender. I tend to be this...
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      It’s me screaming obscenities at the screen and premature-Ubering like a mo-fo.
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      What is this “tactical talk”? What is this “playing seriously”?
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      I like to play on this Mic Spam server where we all have HLDJ Anyone who has it we’ll all take turns playing a song, and...
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      Zack always plays in silence because he doesn’t want anyone to know he’s 10 years old.
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      Macspam can be fun though in non serious situations. Say when you have a bunch of friends on and no one is playing...
    12. anddesecration said: You’ll be happy to know that I was apparently very much, accidentally, Scout-like in appearance today. Mmyep.
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