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  • on wednesday night when i was walking back to my car after work some fuckshit in an SUV pulls up next to me and starts parroting “hey pretty lady, hey pretty lady, hey pretty, hey, hey, hey,” like they do, but i always keep one chambered for these occasions, so to speak, and my hand was literally wrapped around my incredibly threatening-looking taser anyway, so i let fly with my nastiest and most dismissive eyerolling and “UGHH, SHUT THE FUCK UP” and he said some stuff i didn’t catch, (probably about how i was an ugly bitch dyke or whatever, the usual) so i told him to “have fun pulling his pencil dick” and he drove away lmao dunked scrub

    tldr smash the patriarchy, reblog with your catcalling beatdown stories imo

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      http://youtu.be/YrMOxASAmP0 I’m sad I can’t figure out how to embed this. Not just in this post, but in my life.
    3. noahbodie said: I thought you kept one of those telescoping batons, not a taser.
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      guys whistled at me as they drove by really fast but it made me feel nice omg
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