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  • Deep Map Pilots, Black Hole Wizards, Et Al

    woke up this afternoon to a pile of boxes full of posters and postcards (finished Pilots, picked up yesterday), a pitch for a comic called BLACK HOLE WIZARD in my inbox, a 2 lbs bucket of powdered bleach ready to scour my scalp, and a painting dry enough to finish the final detailing before the show on Saturday.  did you know i’m in an art show on Saturday?  it’s in Oakland.  here’s a link to more information.  the two Rent Boy paintings will be on display and up for sale for the entirety of November, which is a good month for them.  not so commercial and cold as December, but not as hammy as October.  November is the tall, dignified, last gasp of autumn, with only minimal holiday interference (who the fuck cares about thanksgiving).

    right now it seems like the Deep Map Pilots will start to ship out next week, after the art show.  all preorder folks will receive EXTRA GOODIES because they were dumb enough to send me money prior to any actual product actually existing.  details on those extra goodies will be forthcoming, but as of now i’m thinking DMP buttons (remember?  i have a button maker???? that i never use anymore because i’ma fucking moron??????) and the companion postcards to whatever posters you ordered.

    i am also about to make the full-res, unflattened PSD files for all five pilots available for download/remix/home printing/educational purposes, probably on the same model as Achewood’s Honor System Store.  i’d appreciate it if you didn’t sell my art for your own personal gain, i guess, but it’s not like Deep Map Pilots is such a hot property that you stand to get rich from bootleg t-shirts or whatever.

    actually i would wear the shit out of some Deep Map Pilot t-shirts; if you make some illegal pirate bootleg deep map pilot t-shirts, send me an extra-small pls ty

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