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    I was waiting at the bus stop today and the guy standing next to me offered me a cigarette, so naturally I accepted. After I smoked it I said “thanks” and before I knew it this huge, old guy had cornered me in the bus stop and was asking me to kiss him. I was terrified but managed to stutter out “no”. He laughed and said “I’m just kidding” but what the actual fuck. How was I supposed to know if he was kidding or not? I was still scared out of my mind and quickly headed to the other end of the sidewalk. My hands were shaking.

    This was just a regular day, 10:30 in the morning. It’s so fucking ridiculous that women have to deal with this bullshit no matter where they are, what they’re doing, or what they’re wearing. If you think that a woman can “prevent” harassment or assault, you’re a fucking idiot because the only way I could have prevented it would be to not leave my house this morning and not go to the only bus stop that would take me to my destination.

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      Umm what the fuck. Why is it okay to hate on someone who felt threatened? WHY DO YOU THINK IT’S OKAY TO HATE ON ANOTHER...
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      You know what the REALLY SICK FUCKING PART OF THIS IS? I just looked at this person’s tumblr and it’s a fucking girl. A...
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      what the fuck does this have to do with flattery? this person threatened the op’s sense of safety, how is that funny and...
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      Guess what, women? We need to have a sense of humor any time a guy wants to force himself on us. It’s a JOKE. Sexual...
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      LOL ok let’s be real. A nasty creepy guy hitting on a girl happens way too often for you to compare it to guys having...
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      …. -_- I’m going to take this bear-hunting knife and cut off your fingers one by one and shove them down your throat....
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      What, this guy reads that some stranger cornered you and tried to kiss you and doesn’t see anything wrong with that???...
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      did you know that you are an idiot?
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