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  • I forgot about that time I was a precocious 11 years old and in the mall with my mom and, being pretty mature and just beginning to stretch my wings a bit, was allowed to walk alone in the mall from one store to another to meet my mom and, stopping at a Pokemon tournament set up in one of the main hallways, was approached and chatted up by a man in his mid forties with a gravy-brown moustache about card games for probably five minutes. ¬†When my mom met up with me she said gently but with intent, having seen it all, “Did you enjoy your chat with the pedophile?”

    This stands out as one of my formative lessons on Male Threat because I was so shocked at the realization of what she said, that I couldn’t actually respond.

    1. stoneoffolly said: Man, I would like to apologize for all guys everywhere. I might admire you if I saw you on the street but would definitely not even think of touching you without your consent, or of catcalling, etc etc ad nauseum. :’(
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