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  • LABEL 228 PHOTOSHOP TEMPLATE FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.filedropper.com/label228template

    This is a 600dpi photoshop template for the US Post Office’s Priority Mail address label, or “Label 228”.  If you want to make and print your own 228s (which are available free from USPS.com, although be warned it is “illegal” to use them for “unauthorized purposes”, I do not condone illegal art and cannot be held accountable, etc etc etc fart fart fart) in Photoshop, here’s a PSD with layout guides in separate layers for easy design and print purposes.  600dpi means you can design in high res or size it down, up to you.  

    Here is a tip for the fine art sticker inclined: regular inkjet prints are vulnerable to water damage, since the ink is water based.  But this also means you can use oil-based paint on top of inkjet ink without smearing or bleeding.  Print out a series of inkjet drawings and paint them individually with oil paint and you’re splitting the difference between the convenience of digital duplication in street art, and the beauty of original paintings.


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