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  • 3liza:

    Rent Boy 1: Rosier (more details here)

    Rent Boy 2: Asmodai

    24 x 36”
    oil on canvas


    My two latest paintings are featured in the group show at 1250 57th Ave, 12pm-5pm.  Show runs for the whole of November, and the gallery will be open every Saturday during the month, as well as by appointment with the curator (gallerymac52@gmail.com)

    The Rent Boys are paintings of beautiful males who are priced at the cost of my monthly rent apiece.  In the literal and figurative (and literally figurative) sense, I am turning them out and selling their bodies to support myself.  Their ambivalent expressions and fashionable poses shoulder some burdens normally borne by human girls.  I couldn’t say why exactly they are canonical demons, but each speaks or thinks his appropriate sigil.

    Other artists in this show include: Stephen Keyton, Vaea, Brenda Luckin, Tom Schultz, Daniel Peters, Ben Blackwell, Cliff Gustafson, and Russell Andaval.

    Gallery Mac is near the corner of International and 57th, in the famous Macaroni Building.  Tons of off-street parking.  Snacks.  We are near the Coliseum and Fruitvale BART stations.

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      if you’re in the area and you haven’t gone to see these awesome paintings yet just wow smh what r u waiting for???
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      Any followers in the Oakville area, check them out! She’s one of my favourite artists, and it’d be great if you guys...
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