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  • My back issues of Proof Newspaper arrived today and I tore through them both.

    Featuring our new masthead by John Keogh. Comics byK.C. GreenJennifer MontesPhil McAndrew and many more. Columns by Samuel JohnsonRobert Newsome, and Andrew Tobolowsky. Illustrations by Evan Dahm,Kirsten McCrea, and Topher McCulloch. A recipe for truffle cake! The refrain of an unfinished song! A crossword puzzle! Plus so much more!

    It’s really fucking good.  And their submissions are open!  They are slowly increasing their contributor payments as they get more popular, too.

    (I’m bashfully honored to admit that I have some work in the next (two?) issues and I really hope I will be accepted as an ongoing contributor from here oh man that would be sweet)

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