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    my favorite part is that his grip on reality is clearly in gradual decay from scene to scene; he increasingly ignores how little interest the world would even have in a singing frog show in pursuit of his narrow, ridiculous dream of wealth and fame

    Single most important cartoon of my childhood. Because my dad used to always tell us about it, and we all thought he was making it up since it was so rarely aired on like TNT and TBS etc. 

    that’s beautiful, it genuinely is. it seems like something your dad would make up to fuck with you, or the product of his frenzied imagination, but no. it’s real

    its time to watch One Froggy Evening again and recall a childhood where i knew every one of these songs by heart and would amuse adults with them

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      I knew about the frog, but largely because around 1995 or so up until 2000, Warner Brothers was using him pretty...
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      Well, that was odd as fuck.