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  • i'm asking this off-anon so you don't have to put it up on your blog but i saw the snap chat post of the embroidered sigil -- would it be okay for someone who doesn't know you/didn't request a specific sigil to do something personal like that?

    my policy on glyphs right now is that they sort of exist as public concepts and dont really “belong” to anyone.  just going off the reblogs and comments the glyphs get it’s pretty clear that a lot of people identify with glyphs they didn’t personally request and i think that’s sort of the whole point of symbolism.  i have a couple requests though:

    1. please dont sell glyphs i drew, like on shirts or buttons or stickers or whatnot.  that would be pretty rude
    2. actually that’s probably the only request.  other than that, go hog wild

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