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  • tiny lady knight drawing for Patreon rewards.  I haven’t opened my Patreon yet I’m just getting a headstart.

    tiny lady knight drawing for Patreon rewards.  I haven’t opened my Patreon yet I’m just getting a headstart.

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  • sketch portrait of ghostbong!!

    I really need to be doing photo- or model-referenced drawings every day. acrylic, graphite, pastel on newsprint. reminds me a bit of some of Molly’s curls-intensive works

    edit: i swapped some pics for daytime pics since the iphone adds that hideous green circle to the center of anything photographed in artificial light

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  • Rough Treatment #6 - Bony Aristocrat

    graphite on paper
    ~4.5 x 8”

    [for sale]

    This piece has a small ivory stain on the upper part of the page. This is intentional.

    Page will be shipped flat with standard USPS shipping in a protective Tyvek envelope with cardboard backing.

    The Rough Treatment series is a collection of sketchbook pages that became a little more “finished” than sketchbook pages usually do. They are offered as an affordable option for patrons to own original art.

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  • break sketch #illustration #drawing #pinup #furry #catgirl

    break sketch #illustration #drawing #pinup #furry #catgirl

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  • Vampire Twins
    pencil on paper with pastel and white ink
    1 x 1”

    Loosely based on my brother and myself, these are tiny, delicate pencil drawings tinted with pink chalk pastel and ink, and highlighted in white. 

    These are original art buttons and will not be printed in editions.  They can be worn as buttons or on ribbons or chains as chokers, necklaces and bracelets.


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  • blue and black ballpoint pen sketch with some color work in photoshop. high res PSD is in the Patrons dropbox if anyone is interested

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  • Milk
    ink and acrylic on board
    8 x 10”
    collection of Hugh Patterson

    [click for full size]

    this painting is sold! but i took a nice big scan of this and i’m going to offer it as a fine art giclee print in my store very very soon (like maybe by the end of the day). price and size TBD

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  • “some ghosts are gay”

    some ghosts are gay

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  • hi.  it’s almost 6 in the mroning an there was a “dedline” to finish this 6-panel folding single-sheet comic by today because of Reasons.  which is why i am posting it on australia time.

    this is a promotional/one-off/for-fun Black Hole Wizard comic, written by Simon for me to sort of practice on.  despite loving comics more than maybe any other kind of illustration, i’ve never had the flaps to really pursue them UNTIL NOW

    i’m not happy with this piece but i AM happy about finishing it so——-

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  • index card doodles for recent etsy orders

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  • old dudes

    old dudes

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  • Emotive reference sheet for the protagonist of Black Hole Wizard.

    I’m actually not super happy with these but I lost about two weeks to The Void recently and crawling back out has been slow going.  Right now I just want this to be posted and done so please forgive the problems.  

    (=_________=   ) o O (  p r o b l e m s  )

    This is page 1 of 2 pages of emotive prompts just to help me get used to drawing Qutaybah.  As you can see I’m not super settled yet, and he’s still pretty off-model in a lot of ways ugh

    Anyway I think the hair/beard style will change in-story.  Not from panel to panel obviously, but I braid and style my hair different from day to day in real life so I have never really been on board with dressing Qu in a “uniform” in the traditional cartoon sense.  Curly hair in particular is a thing that lends itself to being fucked with, if only to keep it out of your way.

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  • Feral
    7 x 8.5”
    Charcoal and gesso on board

    "As though bristles and silk would blend."

    [for sale]

    Enter code VALENTINE at checkout for 14% off, until Monday.