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  • this photo makes me real angry

    this photo makes me real angry

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  • DHS estimates that as many as 1 million people who are subject to administrative detention or arrest annually could now be subject to DNA collection. But it’s important to note that many of these people are not involved in criminal activity. Collecting DNA from anyone detained by the government for any number of non-criminal reasons—especially juveniles—seems to be yet another step on the slippery slope to collecting DNA from everyone in the United States, no matter their status.

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  • Cognitech, Inc. has announced the recent donation of it’s forensic video enhancement Tri-Suite 11 software system to the Oakland Police Department, at the request of the Oakland Law Enforcement, and in the interest of the City of Oakland, CA, community at large with the purpose of forensically enhancing and analyzing video footage from the Occupy Oakland protests in order to “find the forensic truth” in the recorded incidents/events footage.


    Cognitech, Inc. Announces Donation of Software to the Oakland Police Department

    I told you it was the grim cyberpunk future, and you didn’t fucking believe me. Why didn’t you believe me?