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  • fall looks: zeke and destroy

    remember that rule we made about how I couldn’t take outfit selfies anymore without a handsome dog in the frame

    well this is one of chesh and oddy’s two corgis, zeke. sassy is also wonderful but does not like cameras or camera phones at all so oddy drafted zeke for these shots.

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  • fall looks: starry carcass

    fall looks: starry carcass

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  • fall looks: oos a gubboy.  oos a gubboy??? you are!  your a gubboy rogue!!  yes!  good dog!  so handsome doggie, yes,

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  • summer looks: death death death death death death d

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  • i got dressed the FUCK up for the IAMX show and it was 100% worth it.  i went with station and kurt and aside from an unfortunate incident where a dude got so excited about IAMX that he literally took a shit, it was pretty much the best thing i’ve ever seen.

    photos of the whole Bleached Earth Kickmurder Squad are probably going to show up at some point.

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  • My collection of Unhallowed Metropolis illustrations are now available on a gorgeous 13 x 19” archival cotton rag giclee, singly or in a set, on my store.  The printing looks absolutely stunning; like a gorgeous velvety inkwash or watercolor.  I’m so glad I invested in this printer holy shit.


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  • 3liza:

    Earlier today my friend and co-writer Quiz asked for some photoshop lessons, particularly about skintone.  I googled “goth boy” and used the first result to pull a skin palette from, then did a quick demonstration for Quiz over Livestream.  I ended up doing fan art for my own story, and we have a date tomorrow to write the next installment.

    [he’s smiling because he’s remembered he’s going to die someday]

    Edit: Oh.  Looks like all the images are broken on the Tumblr where I host the comic.  Welp.  That’s going to need some updating.

    V:tMx is still broken because Quiz and I have been beating our heads against the plot for a few months.

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  • = XENOLUX leather ruff =

    photographer: Leslie Herring
    model: Magdalene Veen

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  • volhydrogen:

Magdalene Veen wearing the Hydrogen Spats.
Photographer: Leslie Herring


    Magdalene Veen wearing the Hydrogen Spats.

    Photographer: Leslie Herring


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  • En pointe as a “crow”, at a fashion show in 2008.

    edit: I have forgotten the name of the dress’ designer, sorry.  I did the makeup/hair/styling.

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  • alkahestrists:

    Paul Gauger as Dr. Frank N. Furter in Seattle’s Chandelier Productions’ upcoming LIVE! Science Fiction Double Feature of Rocky Horror Show and Hedwig & the Angry Inch.

    This is my little brother and I like to think I can take at least a little credit for how incredibly well he turned out.  Rocky Horror / Hedwig double feature will run every weekend in October in Seattle.  Tickets are available here.

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  • eaturpenis:

what? AMAZING!


    what? AMAZING!

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  • agreed: fuck summer

    agreed: fuck summer

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  • liselotte:

Me and Monsta, by me.


    Me and Monsta, by me.

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  • artisan-alien leather goods from XENOLUX

    (me + creator vol hydrogen modeling; photography by Leslie Herring)

    (i have a pair of xenolux gloves that i wear basically 24/7 when it’s not chumpass summertime. they are incredible)